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All work herein is Copyright by C. Walton 2000-2017.

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How do the masks stay on? Unless a mask is on a stick for you to hold, it will have ribbons on the sides. I dislike elastic because it gets brittle in a fairly short time.

Will you put my mask on a stick or take the stick off? It depends on the design of the mask. Let's talk about it.

I love a certain mask but I'd really like it in another color. Can you do that? Usually, but it really depends on what other color you want. A lot of times, a new color means that certain other elements need to change as well. Feel free to contact me about it.

You use fur! Shame on you! You eat meat, you wear leather shoes. Hush. I get my fur and leathers from responsible hunters who hunt for dinner. Rather than waste something that can be used after their dinner is done, the hunters are taking responsibility and giving/selling me what would otherwise be waste. If you don’t use those things, that’s nice. Feel free to boycott me.

Do you make everything yourself? Sometimes I decorate a pre-made mask, as a painter would a canvas, sometimes I make the base as well with leather, polymer clay, or papier mache. I don't make the feathers, flowers or the crystals that I use. Everything else, though, happens with my own little hands.

Are you an artist or a crafter? Perhaps a little of both.

I have an idea for a mask but can't make it myself. Would you? Sure, however, unless you can exactly draw the mask you want, there will be differences between what's in my head from your descriptions and what's in your head. Please expect those.

Where do you get your materials? All over the place. I have wholesale accounts with different vendors for different things. If you need advise on where to shop, I'll be happy to tell you.

How do you think of the different designs? No clue. Sometimes it starts with a movie or an emotion or even just looking at a flower. Frequently, I find one of the elements of the mask and the rest builds from there.

Do you do this full time? Not now. I used to, however. Now I sell real estate, too.

Who are "Goddess of the Masque" and Masque-Exotique? They’re my old business names.

Do you take commissions? Yup.

How long does it take to make a mask? It depends on the mask. Big pieces or masks with a lot of detail can take days, working 10 hours a day. Masks that I’ve made several times, I’m very efficient at completing.

My organization needs a donation, can you help? I do a lot of donations through the year, mostly to school and animal rescue groups - and whatever else my mother tells me to do. Just ask. I can’t promise that I will because I am trying to run a business here, but please just ask.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.