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Contact Me   Terms And Conditions

Copyright by C. Walton 2000-2013.



If a mask must be made, I'll need time to do that. Please feel free to contact me to find out exactly how much time I'll need. I'm happy to ship overnight, 2-day or ground, depending on your needs. I’m afraid that I have to charge for lost sleep and miracles. They are possible, though. Artwork will be shipped flat under the same terms.


Every mask can be shipped within the US or internationally. Purchaser pays actual shipping charges. Personal check, money order, electronic check, and credit cards, through, are all accepted. Non-US currency is also accepted, at current exchange rates through PayPal. Since each mask is handmade and duplicable, no mask may be returned unless damaged, for repairs, then it will be returned to you. An additional charge may apply. Commissions and special orders are welcome. Photographs of the mask in use are always delightfully welcome and may be posted on the mask’s web page, with the model’s permission. Artwork is the intellectual property of the artist, purchase does not convey copyright to the purchaser of the mask. Artist may have used references but does not trace.


I never see your credit card information. All other information is used to help create and ship your mask or in communicating ideas back and forth. I do not sell, lease or give away your personal information to anyone. Once our transaction is finished, your information is filed away in a box that I hopefully won't ever have to look at again.

Terms and Conditions