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All work herein is Copyright by C. Walton 2000-2017.

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Fancy feathers, Austrian crystals and my glue gun are my favorite toys. I enjoy working with different bases, from plastic to clay and papier mache. Soon, I hope to start working in all leather.

Because I love Italy, and masks, the ideas coalesced onto The Masque, another term for a masquerade ball. I have been to Venice three times now and hope to return, during Carnivale, soon. Images of Italy, New Orleans and Rio inspire some of my designs, my dreams form the others.

I think masks are a way of bringing out the true person in each of us. Each mask is different and different masks suit different wearers. In my opinion, there is a mask for every person, that, like makeup or clothing, enhances the wearer's soul or aura, if one believes in that.

A single beautiful mask will not look perfect on every person, it must be an extension of his or her own personality to look right. When the wearer finds the perfect mask, the face may be hidden, but the personality is brought forth.

Chiara Walton
Awesome Apprentice

Chiara is learning the business and the art of mask, ornament, and glass making from her mommy, grandmother, and several other teachers in the hopes of becoming a professional artist and crafter. She uses what she learns now to make gifts and in cosplay as well as with Goddess Masks.

She is a cat mom and can normally be found with her 
head buried in a book or designing yet another cosplay. 
Chiara specializes in simple pieces used, not to decorate, 
but to complement their surroundings.

Personally, I have moved 18 times and don’t plan to again soon, though I have lived all over Maryland, California, Georgia, Italy, and the Philippines. I currently live in Portland, Oregon. I have really good vacation pictures, since I love traveling. I have a great relationship with my family and actually like them as people.  I enjoy writing poetry and short stories and hope that it has some effect on the readers. Just as a warning, if a new Harry Potter book is coming out, I am not available temporarily for commissions, shipping masks that are already made, or inquiries until I have read the book and recovered from it. I am a working REALTOR, so if you need to buy or sell a home, I’m your gal!

I started making masks when I was in high school. My teacher said it was Mardi Gras and we were going to do a masking project, but first, we had to make our masks. I still have my first mask. It's just cut cardboard, colored with a magic marker, on a straw, but it was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

I started in 2000, making newer masks, to fit in with my design for another website. From there, mask making quickly turned into an obsession, then a money making venture when friends wanted to actually buy my work. I won't stop now, I love it too much, even when I accidentally paint myself blue.