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Copyright by C. Walton 2000-2013.


These fused glass pendants and glassicles are made by me and my apprentice in any colors you wish. The pendants like to have different colors, rather than colors that will meld together in the kiln. 1” square pendants are $6. 2” pendants are $8. Larger pendants are measured per inch and weight but stay reasonable. YOU decide if your pendants will be textured or smooth. The bale used on pendants are sterling silver. Icicles (glassicles) have a metal bale sandwiched between two sheets of glass and may be hung in a window or on a Christmas tree. I will make your glassicle in any colors you wish, including clear. Glassicles are $10. I keep a few of these in stock, so feel free to inquire if you’re in a rush. Please allow two weeks for studio and kiln time.

Glass Pendants and Icicles
Other Art

Sculptured glass flowers  are made with a single color or premixed color set. I drip the clear molten glass onto the colors then work with a partner to spin and pull the “petals”. $70

Gazing balls are a thrill to blow and I use three colors to make the balls.. The dark green and blue swirls in this ball will glitter in the sun. The gazing balls I make are produced on a short copper pole that you can add to with a brass or copper pole from a hardware store.  Please allow two weeks for studio and kiln time. $160

Glass Flowers and Gazing Balls