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Copyright by C. Walton 2000-2013.


A stunning mask, perfect for brides and princesses. The mask may feature Swarovski crystals, sequins, ostrich feathers and faux pearls. Pricing depends on the depth of pearl colors, stick or ribbons, crystals, and  feathers. Pearls DO fall off. This is normal and expected. Just glue them back on with a dab of white glue. Genuine pearls and gemstones may be substituted. Inquire for pricing.

Flurry (no swirl, pearls only) $25

Snow (swirl and pearls) $45

Ice (swirl, pearls, stick) $55

Colored Ice (swirl, colored pearls, stick) $65

Frost (swirl, pearls, sequins, studs) $70

Névé (swirl, pearls, stick, crystals) $110

Rime (swirl, pearls, crystals, stick, prime male ostrich feathers)$180

Flurry, Snow, Ice, Frost, Neve, and Rime